India vs China: These items recovered from a Chinese soldier caught in eastern Ladakh, revealed today


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India vs China: Important information has been revealed about the Chinese soldier captured by the Indian Army on Monday in the Demchok sector of East Ladakh. The news agency ANI quoted official sources as saying that a sleeping bag, storage device, and a mobile phone were found near the Chinese Army jawan. The source said that the Indian Army had also received a letter of introduction from the Chinese security forces. However, the storage device found with this soldier of the People’s Liberation Army was empty.

If sources are to be believed, the Chinese Army jawan was thoroughly checked and many questions were asked about his arrival in Indian territory. It is worth mentioning that after this Chinese soldier was caught, Indian sources had factually denied the Chinese army’s claim that the Chinese soldier had wandered into Indian territory while helping the shepherds. Later, after full investigation, this Chinese soldier was handed over to the PLA by the Indian Army. After this, the Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times had said that this is a positive step by the Indian Army before the military talks.

The captured soldier was identified as Corporal Wang or Long of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, ie PLA. This soldier was also given medical help from the Indian Army. In this case, the Chinese Ministry of Defense said that under the agreement between China and India, the Chinese army was allegedly strayed on Sunday while helping local shepherds to find yaks near the Sino-India border. Has handed over in the early hours of October 2020. This incident has taken place at a time when both the armies are facing the LAC face to face.

There has been a deadlock between the two countries over the LAC for the last five months. Both countries are trying to resolve the deadlock through negotiations but so far no concrete result has been achieved. There have been eight rounds of talks between the military officials of the two countries over the violation of the Line of Actual Control. The ninth round of talks can be held next week. Recently, in the eighth round of military talks, India made it clear to China that nothing less than a full withdrawal of the Chinese army in East Ladakh is acceptable.

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