National Dengue Day 2021: How to identify dengue fever during the rainy season, know its symptoms and prevention


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National Dengue Day 2021: Dengue is a fever from which many people have been suffering from time to time. It has been observed that dengue infects children more. Common symptoms of this disease are severe headache, muscle in joints and body pain, high fever, feeling irritable. Dengue spreads much faster during the rainy season. The month of May is going to end and from the month of June, the rainy season starts in India. In such a situation, the disease spreads rapidly. National Dengue Day is observed on 16 May by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare every year for awareness of dengue.

What is a dengue mosquito?

The mosquito that dengue spreads to humans is a female Aedes Mosquito. These mosquitoes are somewhat different from normal mosquitoes in appearance. Leopard-like stripes are made on its body. These mosquitoes often bite during the day. We should take special care that we do not bite mosquitoes during the morning and day.

What are the symptoms of dengue fever?

As soon as the female Aedes mosquito bites, you do not see any symptoms of dengue. Its effect on you is seen only after a few days. Symptoms begin to appear only 3-5 days after the bite of the mosquito by the patient.

These are the symptoms

  1. Sudden high fever
  2. Severe head pain
  3. Eye pain
  4. Severe pain in body and joints
  5. Lack of taste and loss of appetite
  6. Measles like rashes on chest and upper limbs
  7. driving around
  8. occasional jitter and vomiting

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How to prevent Dengue Fever

  1. To avoid dengue, it is most important that you protect yourself from mosquitoes due to which this virus gets into the human body.
  2. In the rainy season or in areas where there are mosquitoes, you should make every effort to avoid mosquitoes.
  3. Do not allow water to accumulate in a place where dengue is spreading. Change the cooler water every two to three days. Do not allow water to accumulate on pots or roads.
  4. If there is more in the place where you live, then use Mosquito Repellent. Take special care of cleaning your home, children’s school, and office as well.

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