Agriculture Bill: Due to farmer agitation in Punjab, trains will not continue to operate today and tomorrow, know how many trains will remain canceled


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Agriculture Bill 2020: There is a continuous protest by farmers in Punjab against agrarian reform laws. At the same time, business is being affected by the performance. The movement of containers by trains and road has stopped in the state. Now in the meantime, Indian Railways informed that due to farmers’ agitation in Punjab, 12 trains were canceled on October 19, 20, 17 trains were canceled for short term and one was diverted. Explain that there has been a long sit-in on the rail track by the farmer’s organizations, demanding the cancellation of the Agrarian Reform Act.

What impact on Trains due to Agriculture Bill

Let me tell you that due to this, the Amritsar railway station has lost about four crore rupees so far. This is the money that was to be earned by selling tickets, while the revenue from the parcel is much higher. Till now, no solution has been found between the talks between the farmer’s organizations and the central government. Due to this, the strike is going on continuously and the local administration has to bear the losses continuously.

In Punjab, farmers have started a rail roko movement against the agriculture bill of the central government. It was told that from October 1, farmers will start the Rail Roka movement throughout Punjab. During this time, the farmers will stop the movement of trains by protesting on the railway track. This will cause a lot of trouble to the railway passengers and it was said that the railways will suffer. On the other hand, Railways have also periodically stopped operations of trains in Punjab.

The central government has set a target of doubling the income of farmers by the year 2022, for which efforts are being made to improve the agriculture sector. In this connection, three bills were passed from Lok Sabha in the past. However, these bills are being opposed. Talking about important provisions in this, 1. It is to make such a system where farmers and traders can buy and sell products outside the Agricultural Produce Market Committee located in the states. 2. To promote uninterrupted trade of farmers’ products within the state and outside the state. 3. To make farmers get more value for their products by reducing trade and transportation costs. 4. To develop a convenient mechanism for e-trading.

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