Agriculture Bill: Negotiations between farmer leaders and center failed, walkout due to absence of agriculture minister, copy of law torn


Agriculture Bill

Agriculture Bill: Talks with the central government of 29 farmers’ organizations in Punjab, which have been protesting against the new agrarian reform laws for three weeks, were inconclusive. Farmer leaders were angered by the absence of the Agriculture Minister in the meeting. The peasant leaders then boycotted the meeting and came out. He then tore copies of agricultural laws outside the Krishi Bhavan.

On Wednesday, representatives of 29 farmers’ organizations from Punjab reached Krishi Bhavan for talks with the central government, but the farmer leaders were angered due to not having a central minister in the meeting. Farmer leaders also tore bill copies outside Krishi Bhavan. The meeting held on Wednesday was considered to be very important in view of the struggle of farmers’ organizations for 15 days.

Secretary Sanjay Aggarwal on Agriculture Bill

Representatives of farmer organizations told Agriculture Secretary Sanjay Aggarwal that the minister should have been in the meeting. Citing the protocol, the Agriculture Secretary said that he would first have a meeting with them, later with the minister. Farmers’ organizations did not accept this.

He alleged that on one side the central government called him to hold talks. On the other hand, it gives the responsibility of talking to eight Union Ministers to talk to farmers, farmers, and agricultural scientists. The central government is trying to thwart the peasant struggle. Farmer organizations said that the struggle would continue in Punjab.

After the failure of talks with the farmers ‘organizations, everyone is now eyeing the meeting on Thursday, because, in this meeting of the farmers’ organizations, it will be decided whether the railway track should be vacated or not. Because the power organization has arisen in Punjab due to the ravel on the track for the last 15 days. At the same time, due to lack of food, it may also have an impact on the coming wheat season.

The financial situation is also being affected due to the non-running of trains. On one hand, where the finished goods are not going out of Punjab, on the other hand, the raw materials are not coming to Punjab. In view of this, the farmers’ organizations will decide on Thursday whether they will vacate the railway track or not.

Jagmohan Singh, a member of the seven-member committee set up to talk to the central government, says the central government is not serious about the farmers’ demands. On one hand, they are called for a meeting but there are no ministers in that meeting. On the other hand, the central government is holding a virtual meeting with the ministers to end the struggle of the farmer. The struggle will continue in Punjab, however, it will be decided on Thursday whether to vacate the railway track or not.

These are the demands of farmers on Agriculture Bill

  • All three new agricultural laws should be repealed
  • Swaminathan Report to be implemented for the fair value of crops
  • Legislative minimum support price should be given legal recognition
  • The government bought other crops like wheat and paddy on MSP
  • Government agencies decide the quality of crops, not traders
  • State Financed Farms Co-operative Food Processing Units to be set up in the state
  • Captain did not fulfill his promise, the minister returned empty-handed

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