Punjab orders termination of services of around 1000 protesting NHM employee and Order for new recruitment



Punjab orders termination of services of around 1000 protesting NHM employee and Order for new recruitment: The strike by the employees of the National Health Mission (NHM) to ensure that the strike is over, but in many districts, the employees did not return to their duties on the previous day. Taking strict cognizance of this, NHM MD Kumar Rahul has written a letter to all the Deputy Commissioners asking that the employees who have not come on duty should be dismissed. The number of such employees is about 1000 thousand.

Deputy commissioners have been asked to replace such employees with other employees. At the same time, in view of the increasing cases of Corona, the letter also said that additional staff can also be recruited as per the need. Those who will be given 1000 rupees per day.

The NHM and 776 Community Health Officers (CHOs) were on strike during the Corona epidemic. His main demand was to make sure. CHOs, ANMs and doctors and other staff of health centers in the healthiest Punjab were facing a lot of trouble during the week-long non-attendance corona epidemic, as they took samples, contact tracing and treatment of skeptical patients of Kovid-19. Were doing

Health Minister Balbir Sidhu on Sunday appealed to him to end his strike and return to duty. The minister also said that if the striking workers do not end the strike, action will be taken against them under the Disaster Management Act. On Monday, the National Rural Health Mission Employees Association ended its strike.

Association chief Inderjit Singh Rana said the strike was called off in the morning. Employees were asked to return to their respective jobs. Despite this, in many places, the workers did not end the strike and did not return to their work. After which the MD of NHM ordered the dismissal of all the striking employees. At the same time, he also wrote a letter to the deputy commissioner that he should be recruited as soon as possible for dismissal and others where necessary.

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