Soumitra Chatterjee on life support system, miracle needed: Doctors said

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Actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who was admitted to Belle View Clinic, a private hospital in Kolkata last October 6, is “worried and really serious”, according to the doctor in charge of the team treating the actor at Belle View Clinic in Kolkata. Dr. Arindam Kar said, “The 40-day battle is not enough. We need a miracle now.” Soumitra Chatterjee is 85 years old and had to provide a life support system. He is nominally conscious. ”

His condition, which was said to be severe but stable for several days, quickly deteriorated shortly after tracheostomy and plasmapheresis earlier this week. Soumitra Chatterjee was admitted to the hospital on 6 October, just one day after testing positive for the coronavirus. The actor tested negative after a week on 14 October but was admitted due to health complications, particularly COVID-19 induced encephalopathy.

Within days of Soumitra Chatterjee being tested negative, doctors said he had recovered and would be able to walk in a few days. However, Dr. Arindam, who is leading the medical team treating Chatterjee on October 25, said, “You all know that he is not well. Despite our efforts, his consciousness is not improving. Rather he has gone down. ”

From the last week of October, Soumitra Chatterjee was having dialysis on alternate days, which “managed to stabilize some of its parameters.”

In fact, at the beginning of November, his consciousness had gone from 15 to 9 in the Glasgow Coma scale, reaching 11. Earlier this week, doctors underwent a tracheostomy to give him “airway protection”.

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