Why Keshav Prasad lost to Sirathu, the reason cited in the BJP report; Know what the reason


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Why Keshav Prasad lost to Sirathu: In the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the BJP had formed the government with a large majority by securing more than 250 seats, but surprisingly, its big OBC face and deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya had to face defeat. Now, a BJP report has cited the reason for the defeat of Keshav Prasad Maurya from the Sirathu seat. According to the Indian Express report, the Uttar Pradesh BJP in an 80-page report has cited the reason for the decrease in seats compared to 2017 and the report has been submitted to PM Narendra Modi.

Maurya loses due to lack of support of OBC castes

The report said that even after the alliance with Apna Dal and Nishad Party, the BJP could not get the expected support of the Kurmi and Nishad community, while these parties have been transferred the BJP’s vote. That’s why they got a good number of seats. Party sources said that the lack of support from the BJP from many such backward castes had become the reason for the defeat of Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya from Sirathu’s seat. The report said that people from Kushwaha, Kurmi, Maurya, Saini, Nishad, Pal, Shakya, and Rajbhar communities did not vote for the BJP in large numbers and they moved towards the SP alliance. In 2017, the BJP got the big support of all these castes.

The unprecedented polarization of Muslims also caused damage.

The BJP has prepared a detailed report on the lack of support for obc castes and it is believed that efforts will be made by the party to mobilize them in its favor in the coming time. The report said that a section of obc voters have split from the BJP and the votes of the allies were not transferred to the scale that was expected. However, even after this, the BJP easily won and was able to form the government. The report said that this time there was a lot of tremendous polarization of Muslims in favor of the SP and many seats, this too went against the BJP.

The lack of support from the beneficiary category also increased the concern.

Party sources said the leadership is worried that the bjp’s two-month-long membership drive in the state has been run and even after that the seats have been reduced. The BJP has added 80 lakh, new members, in UP and has 2.9 crore members. The BJP leadership is also concerned that the beneficiary class from whom it was expecting large support has not supported as much. However, a large number of people had praised the welfare schemes of the NDA government. The BJP’s worst performance is to stay in districts like Ghazipur, Ambedkarnagar, and Azamgarh. Out of the 22 seats in these three districts, the BJP could not get a single one.


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