Not Corona, but the carelessness of the hospital took life: Rahul Vohra’s wife shared a video of her last days and wrote- Hopefully my husband will get justice


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Not Corona, but the carelessness of the hospital took life: The death of YouTuber and actor Rahul Vohra has been attributed by his wife Jyoti Tiwari to negligence during treatment. Jyoti, sharing a video of Rahul’s last days, wrote, “Every Rahul gets justice. My Rahul is gone, everyone knows this. But nobody knows how he went. Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Tahirpur Delhi. It is treated like this there. I hope my husband gets justice. One more Rahul should not leave this world. ”

Rahul looks very weak in the video

Rahul Vohra is seen as very weak in the video. He is showing an oxygen mask, saying, “It costs a lot in today’s time. Without it, the patient is not spitting.” After this, Rahul puts the mask on the mouth and then removes it and says, “Nothing comes in it. Nothing is coming in it.” Rahul has told in the video that after coming to the attendant’s voice, he comes one by one, one and a half hours. If there is no oxygen in the mask, then call an attendant for help, then he disappears by speaking of coming in a minute.

Jyoti’s emotional farewell to Rahul

On Sunday night, Jyoti shared her photo with Rahul on a social media story and wrote, being emotional, ‘Chale Gaye Na Pyaar Unfinished Karke’. In the next slide, he wrote, ‘Today all the confusion has been broken.’

Rahul Vohra died on Sunday

Rahul Vohra died on Sunday at the Ayushman Hospital in Dwarka. A day before, he was shifted here from Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Tahirpur Delhi. On Saturday, a day before his death, Rahul had written on social media, expressing his helplessness that he could have survived if he had received the right treatment. In his post, he tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

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