PM Modi Joe Biden Meeting: Mahatma Gandhi was mentioned in the meeting of PM Modi and Biden, know what happened


PM Modi Joe Biden Meeting in USA

PM Modi Joe Biden Meeting: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden met for the first time. In this meeting, there was warmth between the two leaders. At the same time, both the leaders discussed many important issues in this meeting. with Mahatma Gandhi was also mentioned during this conversation. US President Joe Biden said that the values ​​of Mahatma Gandhi should not be forgotten.

In this meeting, PM Modi said that US President Joe Biden mentioned the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi talked about trusteeship, a concept that is very important for our planet in times to come. PM Modi said that this decade is also very important for that trusteeship, Mahatma Gandhi always advocated that we are the trustees of this planet. This trusteeship spirit will also play an important role in the relationship between India and America.

In this meeting, PM Modi said, ‘I see that the seeds that we will sow in this decade under your leadership will be very transformative for India-America as well as the democratic countries of the whole world. Technology is becoming a driving force. We have to use our talents to leverage technology for the greater global good. Seeds have been sown for an even stronger friendship between India and America.

In this meeting, US President Joe Biden said, ‘I have long believed that US-India relations can help us solve many global challenges. In fact in 2006, when I was the Vice President, I had said that by 2020, India and America will be among the closest countries in the world. At the same time, before the meeting, Joe Biden tweeted, ‘This morning I am hosting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House for a bilateral meeting. I look forward to strengthening the deep ties between the two countries, maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific, and tackling everything from COVID-19 to climate change.


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