1ST Sawan Somvar Dates: Perform Shiva Pujan on first Monday of Sawan, all wishes to be fulfilled in this yoga


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1ST Sawan Somvar Dates: The month of Sawan is the best month to receive the devotion and grace of Lord Shiva. These entire months are specially dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. In the month of Sawan, Shiva devotees try to woo Bholonath in various ways and get murad from Audhardani Shiva. This year the holy month of Sawan begins on 25th July and the first Monday of Lord Shiva’s beloved Sawan falls on 26th July. Saavan’s Monday is the best opportunity to receive bholenath’s grace. Special yoga of Shiva Pujan is being created on this day. Let’s know about Vishesh Yoga being made on the first Monday of Sawan…

Special Yoga and Shiva Pujan

According to Hindu Panchang, the first Monday of Sawan falls on July 26. This year, there will be four Mondays in the month of Sawan. On this day, a special combination of fasting and worship of Lord Shiva is being created. According to astrology calculations, gajkesari yoga is being formed on the first Monday of Sawan with the combination of moon and jupiter. Gajkesari Yoga is considered to be very auspicious and auspicious in astrology.

Mantras of Lord Shiva

Worship Bholenath with these mantras of Lord Shiva on Monday, especially in the month of Sawan, all your wishes will be fulfilled…

Shivaji’s Panchakshar Mantra –

O Namah Shivaay

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra-

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