Birth Story of Krishna Janmashtami: Know the story of Lord Krishna’s birth on the occasion of Janmashtami and his mahatma


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Birth Story of Krishna Janmashtami: Listening to the story of Lord Krishna’s birth on the day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami is considered virtuous. It is believed that on the day of Janmashtami, the worship of Lord Krishna along with the worship of Lord Krishna, decorating the tableau of his lilies, and listening to the story gives equal merit. That is why on this day, the Krishna temples are decorated with adorable tableaux of the lilas of God on Janmashtami. Reciting and listening to the story of Lord Krishna’s birth on Janmashtami removes all the sufferings of the devotees and fulfills all their wishes.

Birth Story of Lord Krishna on Happy Janmashtami 2021

According to the Bhagawat Purana, Mathura city was ruled by a tyrannical king named Kansa in the Copper Age. He had removed his father, King Ugrasen, from the throne and became king himself. The people of Mathura were very unhappy under his rule. But he loved his sister Devaki very much. He married Devaki to his friend Vasudev. While Devaki and Vasudev were taking their kingdom, there was an air – ‘O Kansa! The eighth child born from the womb of the sister you are going to leave her in-laws will cause your death. Kansa got angry when he heard all the air and increased his killing of Vasudev. Devaki then asked her husband to hand over the child she would have to Kansa to protect her life. Kansa obeyed his sister and brought the two to jail.

Krishna avatar in prison

Krishna Janmashtami Wishes

In prison, Devaki gave birth to seven children one by one, but Kansa killed them all. Although Sheshavatar Balram, born as the seventh child, was attracted to the womb of Mother Rohini by Yoga Maya, Balram is also known as traction. According to All India Radio, Lord Vishnu himself was born on earth as the eighth child of Mother Devaki. At the same time, Mother Yashoda gave birth to a daughter. Meanwhile, there was a sudden light in Devaki’s prison and Lord Srihari Vishnu appeared. He asked Vasudev to take this boy to his friend Nandji and bring his daughter here from there.

Bal Gopal reaches Nandji’s house

At the behest of Lord Vishnu, Vasudev Ji placed Lord Krishna on his head in the soup and walked towards Nandji’s house. All the guards fell asleep with the Maya of Lord Vishnu, the doors of the prison opened, the Yamuna also calmed down and paved the way for Vasudev Ji to go to Nanda’s house. Vasudev took Lord Krishna to Nandji’s house and returned to jail with his newborn daughter. When Kansa came to know about the birth of Devaki’s eighth child. He immediately came to prison and wanted to snatch the girl and throw her to the earth. But the girl got out of her hand and went into the sky. Then the girl said, ‘O fool Kansa! The one who killed you has been born and he has reached Vrindavan. Now you will soon be punished for your sins. The girl was none other than Yoga Maya herself.

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