Happy Maha ShivRatri: The ancient Shiva temple of Kiloi village became a symbol of faith

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The Shiva temple at Kiloi village has remained a symbol of faith for devotees with hundreds of rains. The ancient Shivalig of Kiloi village, about 20 km from Rohtak city, is hundreds of years old. Its confirmation has also been surveyed by the Department of Archeology. However, according to villagers, this Shivling was discovered in 1776. But even before this, it is being claimed to be a Shivlig here.

This ancient Shivling of Kiloi village is not only Rohtak but also a center of faith for Shiva devotees from all the surrounding villages. The temple has been decorated on the occasion of Shivaratri on 11 March. Due to the devotion of devotees towards this Shivling, Jalabhishek starts on the Shivling here from midnight. A large number of Shiva devotees hold a fair here on Shivratri. The temple has been decorated with respect to Shivaratri.

Happy Maha Shivratri 2021: This is the history of the temple

According to Saurabh Atri, head of the ancient Shiva Kapileshwar Dham Trust, Seth Bakshiram Garg, a resident of village Kiloi, was returning to the village in 1776 by purchasing goods from the city. At that time there was a mound of clay here. They got tired on the way and they sat here under the Peepal tree to rest. While resting, he realized that something had happened in the ground at that place. After which the villagers excavated the mound, then there was a Shiva lingam about one meter high. Seth Bakshiram built the temple here. The ancient pond is near the temple

Atri said that according to the elderly villagers, Kapil Muni had done austerity here thousands of years ago. For this reason, this place is also known as Kapileshwar Dham. There are also holy ponds behind the temple. Which is currently called Kokala Wala Sarovar. The people of the village also used the water of this holy tank for many religious purposes.

Shivlig is 2000 years old:

He said that the team of the Archaeological Department had also reached here decades ago. The team examined the Shivling with instruments here. At the same time, digging around the Shivlig also examined the soil. Which showed that this Shivling is about 2000 years old. According to archaeological scholars 2000 years ago there were two villages around the temple. Possibly these two villages also had this Shiv temple at that time. Shiva devotees come from far and wide

People from not only the village but also from many villages and districts come to perform Jalabhishek on this Shivalig of Kiloi village. Shiva devotees perform Jalabhishek every Monday. At the same time, a large number of devotees gather on Shivaratri to be held in Shravan month and Phalgun month. At the same time, religious programs are also organized on the Shavararatri in the temple on behalf of the temple committee. Dharamshala has also been built here by the temple committee. The Fair will be organized today

Saurabh Atri, the head of the trust, told that the fair will be organized on March 11 at the Shiva temple in Kiloi. He also informed that a wrestling riot is also organized here on Shivaratri. This time too a wrestling riot will be organized. Preparations have been completed in the temple over the fair on Shivaratri.

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