Surdas Jayanti 2021: Surdas Jayanti today, know interesting Unknown Facts related to his life


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Surdas Jayanti 2021: Surdas Jayanti will be celebrated on Monday, May 17. According to the Hindu calendar, every year, Vaishak Shukla Panchami is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Surdas Ji. Surdas Ji is known for his literary skills. He became famous for his poems, songs, and couplets. Surasagar, Sursavali, Sahitya Lahiri, Nal Damayanti, Bihalo are his major compositions. Let’s know the important things related to Surdas ji’s life.

Birth of Surdas Ji

Surdas was born in 1478 AD in the village of Runkat. Surdas was born into a Brahmin family. His father’s name was Ramdas. There are different views regarding the birth of Surdas. People also have different opinions about his birth. According to one opinion, it is said that Surdas Ji was blind from birth. So according to the other opinion, Surdas Ji was not blind from birth.

Famous in singing arts

Surdas was a monk from childhood. He got the art of singing as a boon. Soon they also became very famous. In a few days, he started living at Gaughat near Agra. Here he soon became famous as Swami. It was here that he met Vallabhacharya Ji. He gave them the initiation of Pushtimarga and got them to see the pastimes of Shri Krishna. Vallabhacharya entrusted him with the responsibility of leelagaan in the temple of Shri Nath Ji, which he would continue to play for his life.

Surdas ji saw Lord Krishna

surdas ji and lord krishna

It is believed that Surdas once received the darshan of Lord Krishna. He was a devotee of Lord Krishna. It is said that when Surdas met Vallabhacharya he became his disciple, after this, after receiving Pushtimarga’s initiation, he went to Rama in Krishnilila. He started singing the leelas of Krishna on the basis of ‘Bhagwat’.

Interesting Unknown Facts of Surdas ji’s life

Surdas was an ardent devotee of Lord Shri Krishna, there are many stories about his devotion to Krishna. Once Surdas was so immersed in devotion to Krishna that he fell into a well, after which Lord Krishna himself saved his life and returned the eyesight. When Krishna was pleased with his devotion and asked God to ask for something in his boon, he said “You blind me again. I don’t want to see anyone other than Krishna.” The devotional songs of Mahakavi Surdas fascinate everyone.

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