Surdas Jayanti: Sri Krishna devotee Surdas was born 500 years ago, he could not see but understood the matter of the mind


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Surdas Jayanti: The birth of Krishna devotee Saint Surdas is celebrated on the fifth day of Shukla paksha of Vaishakh month. Which will be celebrated this year on 17 May as Surdas Jayanti. Mahatma Surdas, a worshiper of Lord Krishna and an important poet of Brajbhasha in Hindi literature, was born in 1478 AD in a village called Runkata. This village is situated along the Mathura-Agra route.

Some scholars believe that Saint Surdas was born in a poor Saraswat Brahmin family in a village named Sihi. Later, they came to live at Gaughat between Agra and Mathura. Surdas’s father Ramdas was a singer. For a few days, Surdas lived at Gaughat near Agra. While there he met Srivallabhacharya and Surdas became his disciple. Guru Vallabhacharya initiated him to Pushtimarga and ordered him to sing the footsteps of Shri Krishna Leela.

Stories related to Saint Surdas

1: It is believed that Surdas could not see. But pleased by his devotion, Lord Krishna gave him darshan in the inner self. Once while sitting near Guru Vallabhacharya while doing Surdas Krishna Bhajan, Guruji was doing mental worship. During that puja, he could not wear the necklace to Shri Krishna. Surdas Ji, knowing his heart, said that after opening the knot of necklace and put it in the neck of God then put the knot. In this way, God will wear a necklace. After this, Guru Vallabhacharya understood that Lord Krishna had special blessings on Surdas.

2: Once Sree Krishna, immersed in devotion, fell into a well due to not being able to see Surdas. Surdas did not panic due to Sri Krishna being immersed in devotion. It is said that Lord Krishna saved him by his grace and also gave him darshan in conscience. After this, the Lord was pleased and gave Surdas a boon to return the eyesight, but Surdas refused, saying that he did not want to see anyone other than Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna was pleased with this.

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