Surya Grahan 2021: Solar Eclipse Know Date Time And 10 things to know before the solar eclipse on June 10


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Surya Grahan 2021, Solar Eclipse Know Date Time: The solar eclipse is going to take place on June 10. This solar eclipse will be the first solar eclipse of the year 2021, before the first lunar eclipse took place on May 26. In this way, two eclipses were observed in a span of 15 days. In religious beliefs, sun and lunar eclipse are considered to be inauspicious events. According to the Hindu Panchang, the solar eclipse, which takes place on the Amavasya date of the month of Vaisakh, will be an annular solar eclipse from 01.42 pm to 06.41 pm Indian time on June 10. Whenever the moon revolves around the earth and comes between the sun and the earth, this phenomenon is called a solar eclipse. In this case, the sunlight does not reach the earth for a while. This solar eclipse cannot be seen in India. The solar eclipse can be seen in only a few parts of the US, Canada, Europe, Greenland, Russia, and Asia. Due to the non-solar eclipse in India, its period will not be valid. Whenever there is an eclipse, the sutra period is considered effective 12 hours in the case of the solar eclipse and 9 hours in advance in the lunar eclipse.

First Surya Grahan 2021 (1st Solar Eclipse 2021)

There are a total of 2 solar eclipses this year, the first on June 10 and the second on December 4. The solar eclipse on June 10 will start from 1.42 pm Indian time and will continue till 06.41 pm. This eclipse will be a annular solar eclipse. Earlier, the lunar eclipse took place on May 26.

Where Solar eclipse will appear (Surya Grahan Kaha Dikhega)

The first solar eclipse of the year will not be seen in India. The solar eclipse will be visible in the US, Europe, and Asia, Northern Canada, Greenland, and Russia.

Sutkakal in India

This solar eclipse will not be visible in India. For this reason, the time period in India will not be valid. There will be no hindrance in any auspicious work or puja ritual.

What happens to the Sutkakal period

In Hinduism, the Suta period has a special significance. It is forbidden to do any kind of good deed during the Suta period. The sutak period occurs during the sun and lunar eclipse, and in addition, when the baby is born in a family, the members of that household have to spend some time in the sutak period. The suta period is valid 9 hours before the lunar eclipse and 12 hours before the solar eclipse. Puja lessons and no auspicious work are performed during the Sutka period. The doors of the temples are closed as soon as the sukta period takes place.

Don’t do these things in the time of the Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan 2021)

Food is not consumed during the sutra period. Pregnant women are forbidden to go out of the house during the eclipse. Because during the eclipse, rays of the contaminated sun come out. Due to which it can be harmful to children and their mothers who are in the womb. Sewing or weaving should not be done during the eclipse. The mantras of God should be chanted in the eclipse and the doors of temples should be kept closed. Neither meat nor alcohol should be consumed in the eclipse.

What to do after the solar eclipse (Surya Grahan ke Baad Kya Kre?)

After the eclipse, sprinkle Ganga water in the temple of the house and purify it. Purify the idols of deities with Ganga water and worship only after that. Doing so will destroy the negative shadow of the eclipse prevailing in the temple of the house.

What is the Annular Solar eclipse (Valayakar or Ring-shaped Surya Grahan)

annular solar eclipse

The solar eclipse on June 10 will be an annular solar eclipse. There are three types of solar eclipses. Total, annular, and partial solar eclipse. When the moon completely covers the sun, the earth becomes dark. In this case, the eclipse is called a total solar eclipse. Partial Solar Eclipse – When the moon is not able to cover the sun completely, it is called khandagras or partial solar eclipse. The outer part of the sun looks like a shiny bracelet in the circle and the middle part is covered. This is called an annular solar eclipse or Ring-Shaped Surya Grahan.

What is the religious significance of the solar Eclipse?

According to mythological belief, when the sea was churning, a dispute started between the gods and demons for Amrit paan, and Lord Vishnu took the form of a siren to resolve it. When all the deities and demons were fascinated by them like a siren, Lord Vishnu made the gods and demons sit separately. But it was then that an asura suspected lord Vishnu’s move. The asuras sat down in the line of the gods and began to drink nectar. The moon and the sun, sitting in the row of gods, saw the demon doing so. He informed Lord Vishnu about this, after which Lord Vishnu separated the demon’s head from his torso from his Sudarshan Chakra. But the demon had taken Amrit down to his throat, which prevented him from dying, and the part of his head was known as Rahu and the torso was known as Ketu. That is why Rahu and Ketu consider the sun and moon as their enemies. Therefore, Rahu-Ketu consumes sunlight and the moon. This situation is called eclipse.

What is the Scientific importance of solar eclipse?

When the moon orbits the earth, it comes between the sun and the earth, during which the sunlight does not reach the earth. This astronomical phenomenon is called a solar eclipse.

What is the Importance of Surya Grahan in Vedic Scriptures

In the Vedas, the sun is described as the soul of the world and the eye of God. The sun is recognized as the god of life, health, and power. It is by the grace of The Sun God that life is preserved on earth. The rishis and munis have described the sun as a god of knowledge as the most beneficial of the sun’s spiritual worship. The worship of the direct deity Sun is considered to bear fruit soon. Which was also practiced by Lord Ram himself. It may be known that the ancestors of Lord Shriram were also Suryavanshi. Samba, the son of Lord Krishna, was also able to cure leprosy by worshipping the sun.

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