Eid ul Miladunbi: The procession will not come out this ON Eid-ul-Miladunbi


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Eid ul Miladunbi: This time the procession of Eid ul Miladunbi, which originates in the Khajuwala area on the birthday of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Saheb, will not come out this time. Eid-ul-Miladunnabi will be celebrated with simplicity to prevent infection spreading from the Corona epidemic.

This decision has been taken by the Khajuwala Muslim society in view of the corona epidemic. Shahi Imam Hafiz Shaukat Ali Ashrafi informed that a unanimous decision was taken in the meeting that the procession will not be taken out this time on the occasion of Eid Miladunnabi i.e. the birth anniversary of Hazrat Mohammad Sahab.

Eid ul Miladunbi

Everyone will celebrate the festival with simplicity due to the Corona crisis. Milad will be organized with social distancing in mosques and homes. On Friday, Eid Miladunabi will inspire people for truth, goodness by highlighting the sacred biography of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sahib.

At the same time, Muslim religious leaders have also appealed not to take out the procession due to Corona infection. Wherever you are, celebrate the festival from your homes. In the meantime, follow the government guidelines and pray for peace, brotherhood, and the end of the coronavirus infection in the country and cooperate with the government and local administration in the war against Corona, so that we will win the war against Corona and Hindustan InshaAllah, if desired, will celebrate Eid-ul-Miladunnabi and other festivals with great fanfare next year.

On the other hand, Advocate Rafiq Shah, Hanif Ali Nagari, Dr. Neetu Pathan, Abdul Sattar Sahu, Akram Sahu, Iqrar Ahmed, Qasim Ali, etc. have decorated Madrasa Nuria Rizvia and Idgah Khajuwala with colorful lights on Eid Miladunbi.

Shridungargarh. Eid ul Miladunbi will be celebrated with simplicity in the town on the birthday of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Saheb. Muslim neighborhoods and houses are decorated with colorful lights. Be aware that a procession is taken out on this occasion every year, but this time due to the Corona period, the procession has been postponed and everyone has been requested to celebrate Eid in their respective homes.

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