Varuthini Ekadashi 2021: Is Varuthini Ekadashi tomorrow? Learn auspicious and worship method


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Varuthini Ekadashi 2021: Ekadashi has special significance in Hinduism. According to Hindu Panchag, Ekadashi occurs twice every month. On Ekadashi, people worship Lord Vishnu and observe a fast. Ekadashi falling in Vaishakh month is considered to be of special importance. It is known as Varuthini Ekadashi. According to the scriptures, all the wishes of those who worship Lord Vishnu by law are fulfilled and the grace of God remains on them. Worshiping Lord Vishnu on Varuthini Ekadashi leads to the attainment of Baikuntha Dham. This time, Varuthini Ekadashi will be celebrated on 7 May 2021 (Friday) i.e. tomorrow. Let us tell you about the auspicious time, worship method, and importance of Varuthini Ekadashi.

Varuthini Ekadashi date

Ekadashi which falls in Vaishakh month is called Varuthini Ekadashi. This time, Varuthini Ekadashi is falling on 7 May 2021 (Friday) i.e. tomorrow. On this day, the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu is worshiped.

Auspicious time of Varuthini Ekadashi

  • Ekadashi date begins – 6 May 2021 (Thursday) from 02:00 pm
  • Ekadashi date ends – 07 May 2021 (Friday) till 03:31 pm
  • Parana of Ekadashi fast – 08 May 2021 (Saturday) will be from 05:33 in the morning to 08.15 in the morning.

Method of worship

  • On the day of Varuthini Ekadashi, wake up early in the morning and bathe and wear clean clothes.
  • After this, clean the temple of the house and light the lamp.
  • Then bathe Lord Vishnu with pure water and get him dressed in new clothes
  • After that, offer prayers to Lord Vishnu with full legal practice.
  • Offer Tulsi, Shami Patra, Bilvapatra, and Durva to Lord Vishnu.
  • After this, offer Lord Vishnu their favorite things like halwa, kheer, and banana.
  • On the next day, open the fast of Varuthini Ekadashi.

Importance of Varuthini Ekadashi

According to the Puranas, observing the fast of Varuthini Ekadashi gives salvation and results in many austerities. By observing this fast, there is happiness and prosperity in the house and there is never a shortage of money. At the same time, Lord Vishnu fulfills the wishes of all the devotees.

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