T20 World Cup: Who scored the most runs and who got the most wickets in the T20 World Cup, see the full list


T20 World Cup

T20 World Cup: T-20 World Cup 2021 the finale’s done. The final against New Zealand in knockout Australia for the first time instant cricket champion is made. 173 runs the goal of the kangaroo Team 7 balance the ball very easily acquired. The team of this victory of hero is Michele Marsh and David Warner, who the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in bat fiercely down what went wrong. This World Cup is ‘ a ‘ if the bat from the GDR doing so Ballers too much behind are not. Even many significant bouts in the betting overturning the work of the bowlers did. In the tournament many big-name flops, then many such players out yielded the WHO World Cricket is your game, get acquainted. Let’s take a look at this World Cup in the most acute ones top five batsmen and the most wicket Angry Bird who bowlers on.

Babar Azam was Rock

T-20 World Cup most runs in the case of Pakistan captain Babar Azam on top are. Babur 6 matches in 60 of the average and 126 of the strike rate play 303-run cut. This World Cup in over 300 who scored he alone batter also. This list is second on David Warner. Kangaroo opener by 7 bouts in 48.17 of the average and 146 of the strike rate from run better while 289 scored. The third of Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan’s name is He 6 matches in 70 of the average and 127 of the strike rate from 281 scored. England’s explosive batsman Jos Butler 6 bouts 269 runs by making this list in at number four are. The fifth number on the Sri Lanka batsman Charit is also the name of and the 6 matches in the 231-run roots.

Bowlers in hard done by top

Around the world increased from bowlers who took part in the tournament, but most victims in the case to which the name on top is he Everyone dazzled in inserted. Sri Lanka on the side of the play last some time in international cricket in its tremendous identity-making and hard in the tournament, most wickets Angry Bird who bowler are. He had 8 matches in total 16 wickets to his name carried. Listing in the second champion of Australia spin bowler Adam amp the name of the ranks is. Gap had 7 bouts in 13 wickets shocks. In the final two wickets with only Trent Bolt, 13 wickets with the list in the third are. The fourth number on the Talent Search Programme Al-Hasan name and he 6 matches in 11 wickets to his name carried. Finalist in New Zealand’s runs on the rein that welcome to our lives even 11 wickets angry bird with the fifth number is.

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