5G in India: Corona cases in the country growing due to 5G network testing? Know the truth of audio message PIB Fact Check


5G in India PIB Fact Check

5G in India: 5G testing is believed to be the cause of the fastest growing corona infection cases in the country. Different types of claims are being made on social media regarding the fast-growing corona cases in the country. At the same time, in a 1-minute 20-second audio message, due to the testing of 5-G in the country, the cases of coronavirus are being claimed due to the rapid increase and deaths.

Know what is being said in the audio message

Dassal, in a 1-minute 20-second audio message, 5-G network testing is being done in the country. It is being said in the viral audio message that ‘the first person- is not happening for those who are not eating’. The other person – the one who is not eating is falling, the one who is eating is falling a little. First-person – so Maharaj, that means that it is useless to sleep on the roof-vat at night. The other person – absolutely… is useless, stay at home and eat eggs, etc., as far as possible, just eat meat and so on. Then the first person says, A. Aditya Ji, so how many days will this 5G last? The second person says that it is still May and this is your 4th or 5th June launching. By May, the whole of Kashmir and Kashmir will catch up to everyone and it will end here. In the meantime, the first person says that it seems to be the reason why the throat is drying up.

Then the other person says that yes, a very strong throat will dry up. What are you understanding? Keep drinking water, keep the throat wet always. Slept with water next to you. They also sleep with hot water. Meanwhile, the first person says that this happened to a brother-in-law yesterday and he died of a tuck. That is when the first person says that I am telling you that it has not been made too much noise. The public will start throwing towers. Now this work is being done in the interest of the public, this work is not being done in the interest of others. It has been named the empty corona. Will be reduced after May 15. Where it would capture Bengal and Assam neither would diminish.

Know the truth of 5G testing

The Letter Information Office (PIB) has constituted a ‘Fact Check Unit’ called the PIB Fact Check Team to verify the news about the ministries, departments, and schemes of the Central Government. The PIB Fact Check team has shared the entire investigation on its tweeter handle. The PIB Fact Check team tweeted that in an audio message it is being claimed that the 5G network is being tested in the states due to which people are dying and it is being named # Covid19. The PIB Fact Check states that this claim is fake. Please do not spread confusion by sharing such fake messages.

PIB Fact Check

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