Earth Day 2021 Google Doodle: On the occasion of Earth Day, Google gave this special message through video doodle

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Image Source: Google Doodle

Earth Day 2021 Google Doodle: Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April around the world. Actually, this day is celebrated to create awareness among the people about the environment. Earth Day is special every year. In such a situation, the search engine Google has also made a special doodle to celebrate Earth Day in a very special way. The Doodle created by Google on Earth Day 2021 sheds light on how everyone can plant seeds for a bright future – planting one plant at a time! On the occasion of Earth Day, Google said that the planet we call home nourishes life and inspires wonder. Our environment works hard to maintain us and in return asks us to do something as well.

Today’s Google Doodle video shows a variety of trees planted within natural habitats, one of the many ways through which we can keep the earth healthy for our future generations. On the occasion of Earth Day, Google said in its message that this day is like a reminder that reminds us that everyone can contribute to a better planet.

Watch the video on Earth Day 2021 Google Doodle

Significantly, the first Earth Day was celebrated in the year 1970. In 1969, this movement was named Earth Day i.e. Earth Day by Julian König for the protection of the environment and the date of April 22 was chosen to commemorate this day. The worldwide coronavirus epidemic is still wreaking havoc and meanwhile, the 51st anniversary of Earth Day is also being celebrated and this year the theme of Earth Day has been ‘Restore Our Earth’.

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