Good News: Forget Netflix! Now you will get a chance to watch free movies and TV shows on Youtube


 Good News: Forget Netflix!  Now you will get a chance to watch free movies and TV shows here

Watch Movies and Show on Youtube: Are you a Netflix user? If so, you must have paid money and watched Netflix. Because none of its shows or series are available for free. Every month, it’s very hard to pay for Netflix. Why only Netflix, you also pay for subscriptions to other platforms and every month remains a burden. But what do you know about how you can watch popular TV shows and movies on YouTube for free. What happened, shocked? That is correct. Let’s know what the whole thing is.

YouTube revealed in a blog post, “Let us know that American users will be able to watch the entire season of the TV show for free. However, YouTube will show ads for users. You will be disturbed by such advertisements while doing a whiz watch of shows or episodes. Now, on YouTube, you can stream about 4,000 episodes of your favorite TV show. It includes Hell’s Kitchen, Andromeda, Heartland among many others. ”

The blog post further revealed that YouTube users will also be able to watch videos of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, FilmRise, and many others. Now you don’t have to pay for Sixty Seconds, Runaway Bride, and Legally Blonde. All these movies are now available for free on YouTube.

YouTube also said, “To enhance the viewing experience, we are introducing brand new navigation and immersive banner art. Many of these shows or episodes are now also available in high definition 1080p with 5.1 surround sound audio on supported devices. However, YouTube users need to note that this free streaming platform is currently only available in the US.

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