India vs Twitter: Parliamentary Committee’s Twitter bluntly, not your policy in India, rule of law is supreme in India


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India vs Twitter: Amid a standoff between the Central government and Twitter over the new IT rules, microblogging site officials on Friday took a stand before the parliamentary committee on steps taken to curb misuse of social media. A parliamentary committee headed by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor had last week summoned Twitter on issues related to misuse of the platform.

Twitter India’s public policy manager Shagufta Kamran and legal counsel Ayushi Kapoor presented their case before the committee on Friday, reported PTI. According to sources, members of the parliamentary panel strongly objected to the statement of Twitter India officials that they follow their policies. The Parliamentary Committee told Tor that the rule of law is supreme.

Members of the parliamentary panel on information technology also asked Twitter why he should not be fined as he has been found violating the rules. Sources said the panel members asked tough questions to Twitter India officials but their answer lacked clarity. According to sources, the Twitter officials were vague before the parliamentary committee.

It may be recalled that over the past few days, there has been a deadlock between the Central Government and Twitter on a number of issues. The Central government had earlier this month issued a notice to Twitter asking it to comply with the new IT laws immediately. It also gave the last chance and warned that the platform will not be exempted from accountability under the IT Act if the rules are not followed.

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