Mother’s Day 2021 Google Doodle: Google made a card for ‘Mother’ in a special way through Google Doodle


Mothers Day Google Doodle

Mother’s Day 2021 Google Doodle: Mother’s Day is being celebrated in many countries around the world today. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. It is being celebrated on 9 May of this year. This day is dedicated to the mother. Google has made a doodle on Mother’s Day in a special way. The Google Doodle is dedicated to mothers around the world today. Through this doodle, Google has celebrated Mother’s Day. This Doodle is very special because it is an animated doodle. This doodle is a pop-up card rather than a still image. In which many colors have been used. This doodle is a special kind of digital card. This year’s Google Doodle Card is a great example of Kraft.

Mothers Day 2021: Give these special gifts to your mother on Mother’s Day

Using this digital card of Doodle, you can wish Mother’s Day to your mother in any corner of the world. Google Doodle can help you create this digital card. Right-clicking on the doodle gives you the option to share it on other platforms like social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

In the Corona era, many people are away from their mother on Mother’s Day, in such a situation you can use Google’s digital card doodle instead of buying and sending your mother a card from the market.

This Google Doodle is made by Olivia. Google Doodle has written, Mother’s Day 2021 Google has used different craft options like Heart, Flower, Animal on the occasion of Mother’s Day in Doodle today.

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