Shirley Temple Google Doodle: Who is Shirley Temple whom Google has created a doodle today


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Shirley Temple Google Doodle: Actor, singer, dancer and diplomatic Shirley Temple has been honoured with a doodle by Google today. We are going to tell you why they have been honoured by Google today by making them doodles and who they are. Born on April 23, 1928 in California, actress, and singer Shirley was the third child of bank managers George Temple and Jartrud. Shirley’s mother Jartrud wanted to be a ballet dancer from the beginning. Her long stature came in the way of her hobby. So, she wanted to fulfill her unfulfilled dream through her daughter Shirley.

Dance at 3 Year age

Shirley’s mother started teaching her dance at the age of just three. Shirley was selected by a dance school squad at the young age of three. While learning the dance, the director of Educational Pictures caught sight of Shirley and called Shirley to audition at her studio.

Poverty Row

Shirley hit the screens for the first time with the film ‘Poverty Row’. Shirley got recognition from the 1934 film ‘Bright Eye’. Shirley’s voice and face made a mark worldwide in ‘On the Gunship Lollipop’. Shirley, who started her acting career at the age of just four, got popularity within two years and was Hollywood’s first child artist.

Shirley Temple Work in 43 films

Shirley worked as a child artist in Hollywood from 1934 to 1938. Shirley Temple had acted in 43 films by the age of 21. He then decided to distance himself from the world of cinema in 1950.

Steps placed in politics

Shirley started her political career in 1969. Shirley became an ambassador in Ghana and the first female head of protocol. He helped many people during this period and her decision to join politics was well received by the people. Shirley also launched her autobiography “Child Star”.

The museum was opened in Shirley Temple memory

Today, Google has honored him as a doodle to celebrate love Shirley Temple” ‘s opening anniversary. The museum was opened on this day in 2015 in memory of Shirley. Her rare memorabilia has been kept in this museum.

Passed away in 2014

After achieving such a feat, Shirley Temple left the world. He died in California on February 10, 2014, at the age of 85. At the last moment, her entire family was with him. Even today, the performances, songs and political journeys of Shirley Temple are remembered by the people.

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