What should be done when tampons or menstrual cups get stuck and What is menstrual cups?


tampons or menstrual cups

What should be done when tampons or menstrual cups get stuck and What are menstrual cups?: Today, there are a variety of things in the market to use during menstruation. In the olden days, women used clothes, etc., during periods, but as time changed, things used during periods have also changed. Now many other types of things are used apart from sanitary pads during periods. Over the years, the use of menstrual cups (Menstrual cups) has increased during periods. Menstrual cups are bell-shaped cups made of medical-grade silicone that are easily inserted into the vagina. Similarly, tampons (tampons) are also used during periods. It is made of cotton. It is used to absorb the flow. Tampons fit safely within the vagina. Sometimes it gets stuck or gets stuck in the vagina while using it. In such a situation, women should be aware of what to do if a tampon or a menstrual cup gets stuck in the vagina.

What is the Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cup periods are a type of cup used in hygiene products. It is a small flexible funnel-shaped cup made of rubber or silicone, which is inserted into the vagina to collect period fluid. But if you are comfortable putting this cup in and touching the vagina, you can opt for a menstrual cup.

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Some disposal menstrual cups also come to the market. It is used according to age and size. However, women below 30 years of age are advised to use small cups. While women above 30 years of age are asked to use large size cups.

What to do when tampons or menstrual cups get stuck?

During periods, women also use tampons or menstrual cups in addition to sanitary pads. Sometimes for some reason, it gets stuck inside the vagina. In such a situation, the right steps should always be followed. Sometimes installing it incorrectly makes it a little difficult to remove it. According to Dr. Tanay Narendra, tampons or menstrual cups should not remain inside the vagina for more than 24 hours. This can cause you to have bacterial infections. If your tampon or menstrual cup gets stuck, there are certain things to keep in mind.

1: When your tampon or menstrual cup is stuck, you should squat to get it out. Practicing squats will put pressure on your muscles which allows you to pull it out. Practicing this exercise will also relax your pelvic muscles.

2: You should not panic when tampons or menstrual cups get stuck. You should relax when it gets stuck in your vagina. Relaxing will reduce the pressure on your vagina and may automatically bring out tampons or menstrual cups.

3: If the tampon or menstrual cup does not come out despite all this, you will have to use your finger. Insert a clean finger and thumb into the vagina and try to hold the cup or tampon. After doing this, you must clean your hands and vagina thoroughly.

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menstrual cup

Also, if the tampon or menstrual cup is not coming out of the vagina after getting stuck, you should seek the help of a doctor. You may also have many problems in this situation. These symptoms may appear in your body when a tampon or menstrual cup is stuck.

  • The strange odor from the vagina.
  • High fever.
  • Pain in the pelvic area.
  • Itching in the vagina.
  • Swelling around the vagina.
  • Inconvenience while urinating.
  • Swelling around the genitals.

If wearing white or light-colored clothes during periods, both can be used to absorb better safety, hygiene, and flow at the same time. You can wear tight clothes without hesitation, as you are wearing both pads and tampons. If you use tampons properly, it will sometimes give you a better experience than pads. Pads are also better for girls or women who are reluctant or afraid to adopt other methods. Whether tampons are better or pads doesn’t matter, it’s just what’s easy and comfortable to use.


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