Afghanistan Crisis Ahmed Masood refutes Taliban claim on Panjshir released audio message targeted Pakistan


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Afghanistan Crisis: A Taliban statement in Afghanistan said Taliban forces have completely controlled Panjshir province. In an audio message on his Facebook page, Resistance Forces leader Ahmed Masood said that resistance fronts are still present in Panjshir and continue to fight Taliban forces. Masood has called upon the people to rise against the Taliban. According to Tolo News, the statement has been issued. Ahmed Masood also hit out at Pak in an audio message.

Masood has said that every country is aware of Pakistan’s involvement but still every country is silent. Masood has said that resistance front fighters are invincible. He confirmed the bombing by Pakistan and the Taliban in Panjshir. Meanwhile, Panjshir fighters and northern alliance forces led by Ahmed Masood have declared an insurgency across Afghanistan.

Masood has said that Pakistan attacked Afghans directly in Panjshir. The message says that resistance force is still present in Panjshir. He said Pakistan attacked Afghans in Panjshir and the international community watched silently. Ahmed Masood has said that he will not give up till the last drop of blood. Ahmed Masood has said that we will continue to fight against the Taliban. Masood has accused the Taliban of carrying out a barbaric attack with the help of Pakistan and said the Taliban has not changed. He has now become more repressive, brutal, extremist, and more violent.

Entire Afghanistan is believed to have been captured by the Taliban. A photo is going viral on social media showing the Taliban standing at the gate of Panjshir Valley. They are followed by a Taliban flag. The opposition group has suffered a severe loss in the fight, AFP reported. This was followed by a proposal from Ahmad Shah Masood to the Taliban. The Taliban have now rejected their proposal.

Pakistan’s army has cooperated with the Taliban to attack Panjshir. On Sunday, Pakistani forces launched drone airstrikes on resistance front targets to help the Taliban. Several commanders of Panjshir were killed in the incident. The house where Amrullah Saleh, the prominent leader of the Resistance and former Vice President of the country, was staying in Panjsheer was also attacked. There are reports that Amruleh Saleh fled to Tajikistan after the attack. Ahmed Masood is at a haven in Panjsheer itself. Meanwhile, Panjshir supporters have claimed that Masood will remain in Panjshir till the last minute. They are not among those who show their backs to enemies. Some media reports quoting Taliban supporters said That Amrulea Saleh and Ahmed Masood are in Taliban custody.

In Panjshir, Resistance Front spokesman Fahim Dasti and five other fighters were killed in a drone attack by Pakistan’s CH-4 drone. Fahim Dasti was a journalist by profession and also editor of Kabul Daily till August 15. Saleh Mohammad Desert, close to Ahmed Masood and head of Panjshir forces, was also killed in an attack by Pakistani forces.

1,500 Taliban fighters held hostage

According to news agency ANI, the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRFA) claimed to have taken 1,500 Taliban fighters hostage on Sunday. Aljazeera said the opposition force has surrounded hundreds of Taliban fighters in the Valley.

Iran criticizes Taliban attack on Panjshir

According to news agency ANI, Iran has criticized the Taliban attack on Panjshir. An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said, “Panjshir should be found a political solution. Taliban occupation of this province of Afghanistan is not acceptable under international and humanitarian laws. He also said that the Taliban-held news on Panjshir is disturbing.


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