Alibaba Founder Jack Ma: Is Jack Ma facing criticism from the Chinese government? Missing for two months

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Alibaba Founder Jack Ma is Missing: One of Asia’s richest personalities, Alibaba Group owner Jack Ma is currently deepening the mystery about where he is. According to reports, he has not been seen in any public event for the last two months. In fact, Jack Ma criticized the Chinese government on an issue in October last year. According to reports, Jack Ma has not had a public appearance since then.

According to The Telegraph, the mystery about Jack Ma grew, even more, when he did not appear in the final episode of his talent show Africa’s Business Heroes. In this episode, an Alibaba official made his appearance in place of Ma. According to an Alibaba spokesperson, Ma did not participate in this episode due to his busy schedule. However, the mystery deepened after Ma’s photo was removed from the program’s website.

Jack Ma criticized China’s financial regulators and state-run banks in October 2020. He made this criticism in a speech in Shanghai. Jack Ma had called on the government to make changes in the systems that suppress innovation efforts in business. After this speech of Ma, the ruling Communist Party of China was spoiled on Ma. Since then, extraordinary restrictions have begun to be imposed on many businesses, including Ma’s Ant Group.

Jack Ma is Comfortable with Media

Jack Ma, who is quite comfortable with the media, has not been able to make a public appearance since the Ant Group’s IPO suspension. Let us tell you that in 2016 and 2017, many billionaires went missing during China’s infamous anti-corruption campaign. Some of these reappeared. They had said that they were helping the authorities. Whereas, the others never returned.

China’s top market regulator began an investigation against Alibaba in December last year after Jack Ma took an anti-incumbency position, accusing him of engaging in anti-competitive methods. Also prepared an improvement plan for their fintech venture ant group. According to a report by TechCrunch, the Central Bank of China ‘People’s Bank of China’ called the Ant Group for talks on 26 December. During this time the banking authority laid a five-point compliance agenda for the ANT group.

Under the agenda, Ant Group was ordered to bring more transparency in the transaction. The company is accused of using its position in the market to outmaneuver its rivals and harm the rights and interests of consumers. Meanwhile, the ANT Group says it has established an internal reform workforce to meet all regulatory requirements.

Let us know that the Xinhua News Agency was the first to report that various government agencies including The People’s Bank of China, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission can call the ANT Group for questioning.

Alibaba holds a 33 percent stake in Ant Group. Last month, Ant Group applied for a list of $ 37 billion IPO on the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchange but was turned down by Chinese regulators.

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