Big cyber attack in USA: 100GB data captured by hackers, emergency declared


cyber attack on USA

Big cyber attack in the USA:  You would hardly have read the news of emergency due to a cyber attack in a country, but there has been a big cyber attack in America. After this cyberattack, the US government has declared a state of emergency. It is being said that this is the biggest cyber attack in the US so far. This is a cyberattack on America’s largest fuel pipeline. Experts believe that the attack was caused by the Corona epidemic because most of the engineers in this pipeline were working on computers from homes.

2.5 million barrels of oil per day are delivered from the Colonial Pipeline. In the US East Coast states, 45% of diesel, gas, and jet fuel is supplied through this pipeline. The pipeline was attacked by a gang of cybercriminals on Friday after which the work of repairing it is still going on. After the emergency announcement, the fuel supply pipeline can be replaced by a road from here.

Experts say that because of this, fuel prices will go up by 2-3 percent on Monday, but they believe that if it is not restored quickly, the impact could be wider. Several sources have confirmed that this ransomware attack was carried out by a cyber-criminal gang named Darkside. They broke into the Colonial Network on Thursday and captured almost 100GB of data.

The hackers then locked the data on some computers and servers and demanded a ransom on Friday. They threatened that if the money was not given, they would leak this data on the Internet. The company says they are in contact with police, cybersecurity experts, and the Department of Energy to restore services. On Sunday night, he told that four of his main lines have come to a standstill and some small lines from the terminal to the delivery point have started functioning.

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