Chinese Rocket: The waste of Chinese rocket Long March 5B will fall on Earth today in a while, space scientists worried


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Chinese Rocket: China’s manned space engineering office said Sunday that China’s Long March 5B rocket waste is ready to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere at 10:12 am Beijing time (0212 GMT), plus or minus 15 minutes. Astronomers are worried about China’s large rocket being sent into space after it was uncontrolled. America’s Research and Development Center has said that the rocket’s waste is likely to come to Earth on Saturday night or Sunday morning. However, China’s foreign ministry has said that the rocket’s waste will not be harmed. During its arrival in the Earth’s atmosphere, most of it will burn. The US space agency has said that our uncontrolled rocket remains under surveillance. Be aware that China had sent the Long March 5B rocket into space. Which is now out of control.

China said- there is no risk of rocket debris on Earth

The debris of China’s long rocket Long March 5B is coming towards the Earth very fast. In relation to this, it is feared that it can do harm anywhere on the earth. But China has said that there is no threat to its rocket wreck. It will burn as soon as it enters the earth’s atmosphere. It is known that this large rocket of China is a hundred feet long and weighs 22 metric tons. The rocket is out of China’s control.

The US space agency NASA is also eyeing this. The US Space Command has also said that there is little chance of damage. If there is a loss anywhere, China will have to compensate for it. Experts also said that the possibility of danger to humans is very low. A large part of the Earth is water.

Call records of journalists were confiscated by the US government

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