Chinese rocket uncontrollable in space fears of falling between US-Chile


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Chinese rocket uncontrollable in space fears of falling between US-Chile: A rocket has now raised the concern of the world troubled by the Corona epidemic that has spread from China. The uncontrollable Chinese rocket Long March 5B may cause havoc during re-entry to Earth. The concern is being raised about this in the world. May enter Earth’s atmosphere on May 8.

America said – May enter the Earth’s atmosphere on May 8

The US government issued a warning that this 21-ton rocket could enter the Earth’s atmosphere sometime around May 8. A spokesman for the US Ministry of Defense stated the possible date of the rocket’s re-entry into the atmosphere, saying that at the moment it is difficult to tell from which region it will enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Regular information is being given about the position of this rocket on the space track. As information is being received about it, the government is also making it available. Other satellite tractors have also reported rockets 100 feet long and 16 feet wide. It is named 2021-035B. It is running at a speed of four miles per second.

US Defense Ministry spokesman said – the status of the Chinese rocket is being monitored

US Department of Defense spokesman Mike Howard said that this was the case under the supervision of the US Space Command. The status of the Chinese rocket is constantly being monitored, but only a few hours before its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere will be known from where it will enter.

Long March 5B China’s biggest career rocket

Last week, LongMarch 5B was used to send the first building block of China’s upcoming space station to Tianhe in space. Tianhe was launched on 29 April via Long March 5B from the center in Hainan Province, China. It is China’s biggest career rocket.

Space Affairs Expert Megadoble said – Longmarch 5B rocket’s travel route uncertain

Space expert Jonathan Megdobal said these are not good signs. The last time the Long March 5B rocket was left, large metal rods came out of it, which caused damage to buildings in Ivory Coast when it hit the earth. Many rods burned in the sky, but some parts fell on the earth. However, there was no loss of life or property. He said that with the way it is moving, it can enter from New York and Madrid and to the south from Chile or New Zealand. It is estimated at the moment because its travel route is uncertain.

Fear of loss of life and property

However, it is expected that before the Earth collides, most of it will be burnt down. The part which will not burn will also fall on the sea or in an open place. Despite this, there is a possibility of a loss of life and property.

Chinese uncontrollable rocket is moving towards the Earth, causing serious damage if the population falls in the area

According to experts, it has been moving towards the Earth in a slow but uncertain manner for the past few days. It is the most uncontrollable rocket ever to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere. As of now, it may be a small plane crash, but if it falls in a crowded area, it can cause serious damage. Last year, the Long March 5B re-entry to Earth was considered to be the fourth most uncontrolled entry ever. At the time, it was swept away by the waters of Los Angeles and New York City, moving away from the coast of West Africa towards the west coast of Mauritania.

China aims to be space power by 2030, rocket failure shattered

He said the Long March 5B Falcon 9 is seven times more than the second stage, which had been in the discussion a few weeks earlier on entering Seattle. China aims to become a major space power by 2030 to be with rivals including the US, Russia, and the European Space Agency and build the most advanced space station orbiting the Earth. However, the failure of the Long March 5B may make it difficult to meet its target.

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