Coronavirus update: many facts confirm Chinese conspiracy behind corona epidemic; Learn about it



Coronavirus update: JNN, New Delhi. Since the beginning of the Corona epidemic, many things are being said about the Chinese conspiracy behind it. Recently, the US State Department has received intelligence documents from Chinese military scientists and senior medical officials. According to this, since 2015, Chinese scientists had been working on the possibility of artificially transforming the coronavirus into a deadly biological weapon in the laboratory. They believe that the third world war will be fought only with biological weapons. Even though China continues to deny its involvement in the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, there are many facts that seem to unravel the conspiracy of China. Here is a look:

Many secrets are hidden in Wuhan’s laboratory

The Coronavirus has been undergoing research for a long time at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. The laboratory is just 16 kilometers from the market in Wuhan, from where the current corona epidemic is said to have started. It is not to be believed that China has spread the existing virus deliberately, but many scientists are not in favor of dismissing the possibility of the virus leaking from the laboratory.

The virus has leaked before also

The virus leaked from Wuhan’s lab in 2004, according to US State Department documents. At that time, nine people were infected with the virus and one person died. US officials say that such cases of virus leaks have been reported several times in China. Scientists on the method of virus leaking say that no matter how strong the security in the laboratory, exposure to infected injections during the experiment or the bite of a rat or other organism involved in the experiment may cause the virus to leak.

How did the virus reach humans with bats?

The strain of the coronavirus that is believed to be responsible for the current pandemic is very similar to a virus found in bats. It is said that the virus itself changed and reached humans. Although many scientists reject this interpretation. Their question is that a virus cannot be so contagious coming directly from an organism in humans. If this virus has come a long way for change, then where are the middle links?

Spike protein also raises many questions

There is an enzyme called Furein in the human body. Its presence is more in the lungs. The coronavirus spreads very rapidly because its spike proteins have furin cleavage sites. The surprising thing is that such sites have not been found in the virus closest to this virus. An important point is also that these sites are made up of four amino acids. It is possible to have four such amino acids in a virus while mutations occur, but it is not natural for four amino acids to be added together. This is likely to happen only if it is derived from different viruses in the laboratory.

There are more questions

Scientists say that in general, it takes time for a virus to become very contagious. SARS was also fatal, but it was possible to deal with him quickly, as his infection capacity was not very high. In the case of the current coronavirus, its infectivity is also shocking. It is not common for a new virus to be so contagious. There is also a question that the bat virus with which it is said to have similarity was found in Yunnan, 1500 kilometers from Wuhan. It is also surprising that the virus does not infect anyone in a journey of 1500 km and suddenly spreads the epidemic at a distance of 16 kilometers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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