Coronavirus Vaccine: Johnson & Johnson stopped trial of Corona vaccine, know why the decision was taken


coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine: Pharmaceutical companies around the world are conducting large-scale trials to produce the coronavirus vaccine, in which thousands of volunteers are participating. Meanwhile, bad news has emerged regarding the vaccine. Johnson & Johnson, an American company working on the Corona vaccine, has put a trial ban on it. The company has said that it has been banned after a volunteer became ill during the trial.

The company said in the statement that we have stopped the dose given to volunteers for the clinical trial of our coronavirus vaccine for the time being. It also includes a Phase 3 trial. This step has been taken as a participant is ill during research. However, the company refused to divulge more information about the disease, citing Volunteer’ privacy.

Why Stop Coronavirus Vaccine trail

Earlier this month, Johnson & Johnson joined the shortlist of vaccine makers in the US. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is the fourth such vaccine in the US, which is in the final stages of clinical trials. The trial is stopped until any volunteer participating in the trial is examined by an independent agency in the event of deteriorating health for any reason, so that the procedure remains reliable.

The news of Johnson & Johnson’s Coronavirus vaccine trial being banned comes at a time when Oxford University’s Corona Vaccine AstraZeneca was banned. The move was taken after a British volunteer was taking part in the trial. However, its trial has resumed. In the third phase of the vaccine trial, around 30,000 volunteers from the US, UK, Brazil, and South Africa are involved.

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