FATF List: FATF’s big decision, Pakistan will remain in gray list, action will have to be taken on terrorist leaders


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FATF List: Pakistan is completely caught in the FATF trap. If it is to get out of the surveillance list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), then terrorists who have carried out terrorist acts in India like Dawood Ibrahim, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, Jaish gangster Maulana Masood Azhar and Lashkar Hafiz Saeed and their associates The entire economy of the country has to be dismantled and its evidence will have to be kept in front of the international community.

Six important tasks will have to be executed

The FATF, formed to curb terrorist funding and curb cash transfers in an illegal manner, has said on Friday that Pakistan will remain on the watch list (gray list). To get out of this, the Imran Khan government will have to execute six important tasks by February 2021. These six actions also include that Pakistan should make a robust system to stop all kinds of terrorist funding.

Pak stopped funding terrorist organizations

The FATF had assigned 27 tasks to the Pak government. The Government of Pakistan has completed 21 of these works and has submitted its report. The FATF has also praised the Pak government for this. But there are six remaining works that are most important. The first task in these is that the agencies of the Government of Pakistan should make every effort to stop the funding of terrorist organizations. Investigate all the cases of terrorist funding, investigate all the cases against terrorist organizations and terrorists.

Ban on terrorist organizations

The second task is to effectively ban cases related to terrorist funding. The third task is to arrange for complete financial sanctions against the terrorists declared by the United Nations under the provisions of 1267 and 1373 by the United Nations and the terrorists working in the same manner. Restrict efforts on their behalf to raise financial facilities in any way.

Destroy the structure of terrorist organizations

Seize all their assets and take all the steps that make it impossible for them to raise funds. It is clear that Pakistan has to tell the international fraternity that it has destroyed the structure of terrorists like Dawood, Lakhvi, Azhar.

India is looking for these terrorists

The special thing is that all the terrorists who have to take action under pressure from Pakistan FATF, India is also looking for a long time. While the search for Lakhvi and Hafiz Saeed is in connection with the Mumbai bomb blasts, the search for Jaish kingpin Azhar is due to being involved in several other terrorist incidents including the Pathankot attack.

Gave a new dateline in FATF List

FATF President Marcus Player told the virtual press conference that the time given to Pakistan has expired. We strongly warn Pakistan to complete the remaining works by February-2021. He admitted that Pakistan had worked hard in its own way. But he still has a lot to come out of the watch list.

Pakistan avoided being blacklisted in FATF List

He also informed that once all 27 tasks are completed by Pakistan, the FATF team will visit there and find out its truth. Only then will it be decided to take him out of the watch list (gray list). Pakistan has been on the gray list since June 2018. Pakistan has avoided joining the banned list due to the completion of 21 out of 27 works.

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