International Labor Day 2021: Why Labor Day is celebrated on this day, what is its history, the motive behind celebrating and the theme of this time, know everything


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International Labor Day 2021: International Labor Day is celebrated every year on 1 May. Which is known by the name of Labor Day, May Day, Labor Day, etc. The workers of the country have the greatest contribution to the development of any country. In such a situation, this day is a symbol of fighting for their rights, respect for them, and raising the voice of their rights. Let us know how the day of Labor Day started, its importance, and its history…

History of International Labor Day

Actually, a movement in America started on 1 May 1886. Earlier, laborers were employed here for 15 hours a day. Against this, on the day of May 1, 1886, many laborers took to the streets of America and started raising their voices for their rights. During which the police opened fire on some laborers. In which more than 100 were injured while many laborers lost their lives. In view of this, during the second meeting of the International Socialist Conference in 1889, it was proposed to celebrate International Labor Day on 1 May. At the same time, the decision of all workers to take leave on this day and not to work more than 8 hours was also approved.

How did Labor Day start in India?

At the same time, the tradition of celebrating Mazdoor Day started on 1 May 1923 in Chennai, India under the chairmanship of the Labor Farmers Party of Hindustan. During this, many organizations and social parties got support. Whose leadership was being led by the Left? Let me tell you that for the first time during this time, a red-colored flag for the workers came into existence. Which is a symbol of raising a voice against the atrocities and exploitation of the workers.

What happens on Labor Day?

  1. Actually, many welfare schemes are announced on Labor Day.
  2. Various programs are broadcast.
  3. Celebrations are organized in government and non-government institutions.
  4. However, this time this activity is not possible due to coronavirus and lockdown.
  5. It is also a tradition to celebrate the foundation day of Maharashtra and Gujarat on May 1 itself.

What is the purpose of this day?

  1. The main purpose of this day is to honor the achievements of the workers. To discuss their contribution.
  2. Raise their voice for their rights.
  3. Strengthening labor organization etc.

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