International Peace Day 2021 – Why and When Started International Peace Day, HIstory


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International Peace Day 2021: The greatest happiness in the world is the feeling of peace and to achieve and maintain it, a person can go to any agreement and extent, whether it is a common man or a country. Every year, International Peace Day is celebrated on 16 May around the world to maintain the same feeling and basic elements. Which is falling on Monday this year.

This day is also known as World Peace Day, the United Nations General Assembly has observed this day for at least these 24 hours around the world to maintain non-violence and ceasefire and strengthen the ideals of peace, especially since this day has been announced.

When International Peace Day Started?

International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. Two decades later, in 2001, the General Assembly voted unanimously to designate this day as a period of non-violence and ceasefire.

What is UN75?

This year, on the occasion of its 76th anniversary in 2021, the UN has invited millions of people from all over the world to join UN76 to have a far-reaching global dialogue on building a peaceful and prosperous future. According to the UN, this International Day of Peace will be devoted to promoting dialogue and gathering ideas. In which everyone will be invited to unite the world and share thoughts on global disaster, fix our planet and change it for the better. Even if we are not able to stand next to each other, we can still dream together.

What is the theme of International Peace Day 2021

Every year, to maintain a sense of peace around the world, the United Nations General Assembly has developed a new theme which is followed by each country. This year, we are all victims of the coronavirus Pandemic, the whole world is fighting this war and fighting for our health and livelihood, so this year it is already clear that we are not enemies of each other. , But we have only one common enemy and that is COVID-19. The United Nations General Assembly has named this year’s theme “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world” which means to create or form peace together.

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