Israel-Gaza News Update: As war between Israel and Palestine intensifies, US ask Netanyahu and Palestinian president to end tension


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Israel-Gaza News Update: The war between Israel and Palestine has intensified. Rocket attacks have been carried out on several Israeli cities by Gaza. Hamas has fired more than a thousand rockets on Israel from Gaza. In this war, Israel has also attacked Hamasay bases with its fighters. In this war between Israel and Palestine, 65 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, while 7 Israelis have lost their lives in this fierce war. It killed 16 members, including the top commander of the military wing of Hamas. Countries around the world are worried about this ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Rocket attacks continue from both sides.

The USA appeals to end tension

The United States has appealed to Israel and Palestine to end the tension. The US has first appealed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to end the tension, after which he has been asked to end the tension by talking to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. US Secretary of State Ned Price has spoken to both these heads of state.

Significantly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel will use more power if needed. He clearly stated that Hamas and other small Islamic organizations will pay the heavy price for this aggression. Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Israel would prevent chaos by deploying a border police force. Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz has warned that this attack is just the beginning. At the same time, Hamas has said that if Israel wants to increase it even more, then Hamas is also ready.

This is the first time such a fierce conflict has happened between the two since 2014. A seven-story building in Gaza was demolished by the Israeli attack, while another building was badly damaged. In the midst of the attack on Gazapatti, people said that Israel has now gone awry. The Israeli public is also sleepy due to the attacks. People are restless with the sound of sirens and explosions throughout the night. Hamas claims to have fired more than two hundred rockets in Israel’s Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Ashkelon, and Ashdod cities. In the wake of this conflict, the ongoing court hearing for the removal of Palestine families from East Jerusalem has also been postponed.

India said – violence should be stopped immediately

India has condemned these attacks and called for an immediate halt to the violence. On the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation, India has condemned all violent activities, especially the rocket attacks from Gaza, and said the need to stop the conflict immediately. India’s permanent representative at the United Nations, TS Tirumarti, on Wednesday tweeted, “India condemns all acts of violence, especially the rocket attacks from Gaza.” That this is the need of the hour, all the parties should stop the violent action there.

Significantly, the Indian woman Soumya Santosh died in Israel in an attack by Gaza. Hailing from the Idukki district in Kerala, Santosh was working in a house in the Israeli coastal town of Ashkelon.

PAK with Palestine

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that his country is with Palestine. Israel should stop tyranny with Palestine.

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