Israel vs Hamas:Struggle between Israel, Hamas and intensified


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Israel vs Hamas: Hamas fired several rockets within a few minutes on Thursday, targeting Israeli cities, while Israel has also intensified attacks on Gaza. An Egyptian delegation has reached Tel Aviv to negotiate with Israeli officials as part of efforts to negotiate a cease-fire amid escalating fighting in Gaza. The conflict between the Hamas rulers of Israel and Gaza has spread to a much larger scale than the 2014 war. Earlier the conflict was confined to the Palestinian Territory and the area with Israeli communities bordering it, but this time the battle has started in Jerusalem. Some rockets were also targeted in the Tel Aviv region.

Large scale violence in Israel too

Large-scale violence has also erupted in Israel. In many cities, crowds of Arabs and Jews have come on the streets, vandalizing, brutally assaulting people. The mob also set fire to several vehicles. Flights from the country’s main airport have also been suspended due to the violence. The conflict has ended the holy month of Ramadan with weeds for the people of Palestine. Since the rocket was fired from Monday, Israel opened three multi-story buildings in Gaza, saying it had several Hamas offices.

More than 100 Palestinians killed in the attack

Gaza’s health ministry said 100 Palestinians, including 17 children and seven women, have died and more than 480 people have been injured. Islamic jihadists have confirmed the death of seven militants. Hamas has acknowledged that one of its top commanders and several other members have died. At the same time, Israel has said that more people have died than Hamas has confirmed. Seven people have also died in Israel. One soldier died in an anti-tank missile attack and a six-year-old child died in a rocket attack.

Egyptian delegation arrives in Israel

The Egyptian delegation for the ceasefire first held talks with Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip and then reached the Israeli border. Egypt is trying to mediate between the two sides. The Islamic militant group has also not given any indication of retreat and has fired hundreds of rockets in Israeli cities. Despite the presence of interlocutors, the Gaza militants fired nearly 100 rockets simultaneously, causing the sirens of airstrikes in the southern and central cities of Israel. There has been no news about the loss or casualty at the moment. But the purpose of the attack is to show that Hamas still has a lot of ordnance stores.

Israel targets dozens of targets in Gaza

The battle between the two sides in just three days reminded me of the devastating war of 2014 that lasted 50 days. This battle has led to horrific Jewish-Arab violence in Israel decades later. Israel made several airstrikes in the morning and targeted dozens of targets in Gaza. Airstrikes were continued on Wednesday as well, causing a smog of smoke in the air. This struggle is going on at a time when Eid is being celebrated for Muslims after the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Hamas has urged people to offer Eid prayers within their homes or in nearby mosques, rather than in open spaces.

Netanyahu took stock of Dome missile defense system

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Dome arrived to take stock of the missile defense system. The military has said that this immune system dropped 90 percent of the 1200 rockets fired from Gaza. Hamas has said that it fired the most powerful rocket from Gaza. Israeli media said the rocket fell into the desert area. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned Gaza to “indiscriminately firing rockets” from civilian areas towards Israeli-populated areas, but at the same time requested Israel to “exercise maximum restraint”. US President Joe Biden called Netanyahu to support Israel’s right to immunity.

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