Kabul Blast: Explosion outside the Girls’ School in Kabul kills 53 people so far, President Ashraf Ghani holds Taliban responsible

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Image Source: Al Jazeera

Kabul Blast: So far 53 people have died in a bomb blast near a girls’ school located in the western region of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Most of those killed are children aged between 11 and 15 years, with a large number of girl students at Girls’ School. More than 50 people have been injured in the incident.

President Ashraf Ghani blamed a faction of the Taliban for the attack, while the Taliban condemned the attack and denied having their hands in it. According to Home Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian, an investigation into the incident has started. The death toll may increase. A large number of Shia Muslims live in the area where the explosion took place. In this context, suspicion is also going to the terrorist organization IS.

The IS has made several such sensational incidents in recent years to gain a foothold in Afghanistan. The school near which the explosion occurred is named Syed al-Shahda School. The building of this school has also been damaged by the explosion. According to Nasser Rahimi, who lives nearby, the sound of three explosions one after the other was heard and then there was a scream in the area. When the dust reached the spot, the corpses and limbs were scattered there. Everywhere the injured were screaming for help. The injured were then taken to nearby hospitals by available means and ambulances.

Recently, a radical group of Sunni Muslims from Afghanistan announced to wage war against Shia Muslims in the country. It is also being doubted. But the United States has pointed fingers at the IS for such an attack in the past.

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