Mohamed Salah: ‘Attacks on innocent people must end’; Liverpool player Salah with Palestinian solidarity


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Mohamed Salah: Liverpool star Mohamed Salah responds to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The actor demanded that world leaders intervene to end the attacks and killings of innocent people. Salah responded on Twitter by tagging British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“All world leaders, including the Prime Minister of the country where I have lived for four years, must use all their power to end the violence and killing of innocent people,” Salah wrote on Twitter.

Salah’s tweet has received a lot of attention on social media, with over 2.5 million likes and 83,000 retweets. There are a lot of comments below the tweet in line with Salah’s comment.

Sadio Mane, a former Liverpool teammate, and Mohamed Salah’s teammate, also took to the stage to comment. Sadio Mane shared a poster that read Free Palestine. The film was accompanied by the caption ‘Heartbreak’.

In Turkey, Fenerbahce star and former Arsenal striker Ozil also came out in solidarity with Palestine. Ozil wore a T-shirt proclaiming Palestinian solidarity during a training match against Sivaspur yesterday.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has continued for the past few days. Thirty people, including a Malayalee nurse, have been killed so far in the clashes. An Israeli airstrike on Gaza has killed at least 28 people, including nine children. Two people, including a Malayalee nurse, were killed in a Hamas rocket attack on Israel in retaliation.

The clashes, which began Monday in the compound of al – Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem, have led to more violence. The clashes lasted for two weeks following a move to evacuate Palestinians from the Sheikh Zarah region. The deadline for Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, to withdraw Israeli forces from al-Aqsa was set for Monday. Israel stepped up its operations after Hamas fired rockets at Israel.

As tensions escalate, Arab states have stepped in to crack down on Israel. An emergency meeting of the permanent representatives of the Organization of Islamic Corporations has been convened in Jeddah to discuss the situation.

Efforts are on to repatriate the body of a Malayalee nurse who died in Israel. The Indian embassy has been contacted for this. Muraleedharan informed the family over the phone.

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