Myanmar Military Coup: Myanmar’s army put dead bodies in temple grounds! Security forces shed blood of innocent people in Bago

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Image Source: The Wall Street Journal

Myanmar Military Coup: After the coup in Myanmar, security forces have again turned the streets of the capital red with the blood of protesters. The local media, which has been collecting the number of deaths since the coup in the country, has given this information. According to this, most demonstrators have died in Bago against the military rule on Friday after March 14. Let us tell you that on March 14, 100 protesters died in Yangon in the action of security forces. Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar. Bago is located at a distance of about 100 km from here. The AP, however, has not confirmed these deaths. Local media reports said that the army has put all the dead bodies in a temple ground.

According to the news of the AP, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners has also reported the death of 82 people. This institution is monitoring and providing the number of deaths and injuries in the country since 1 February. A report released on Saturday by this organization said that the number of people killed in Bago may increase in cases and after arrival.

Myanmar’s online news website has also reported 82 deaths in Bago. In this, citing anonymous sources, it is said that relief work is being carried out in the city. It has even been said in the local media that the military has gathered the dead bodies of all the killed people and buried them on the grounds of the Buddhist temple. According to information from the Association for Political Prisoners, 701 people have died at the hands of security forces since the coup in Myanmar.

This was the third action taken by the junta in Bago over the past week. On Wednesday, security forces opened fire on protesters in Kalay and Fresh in the north of the country, killing 11 people. In this, some people who did not participate in the demonstration and some people passing through the road were also killed. Let us tell you that since the coup, the junta has been trying to crush every protest against itself through the security forces. Security forces are using heavy weapons on the protestors. These weapons are used by the army on the battlefield. In this, the army is also not missing out on using rocket launchers and mortar.

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