Pakistan on Article 370: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister admitted, Article 370 India’s internal matter


Pakistan on Article 370

Pakistan on Article 370: There has been a big change in Pakistan’s stand on Article 370. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Mahmood Qureshi has said in one of his important statements that the removal of Article 370 is not a problem. He said that Pakistan has never had trouble with 370 withdrawals. Pakistan Foreign Minister said that this is an internal matter of India. He further said that there is an objection to the removal of 35A for Pakistan. Qureshi said that Pakistan is worried about this. He said that Pakistan has already clarified its view in this regard. The special thing is that Qureshi’s statement came at a time when he has left for a visit to Saudi Arabia. He made this statement just before going to Saudi. Large diplomatic implications are being drawn to this statement of the Pakistani Foreign Minister.

Pakistan’s U-turn on Article 370

Earlier, Pakistan’s stand on Article 370 was against India. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan opposed this decision of India in all international forums including the United Nations. However, at that time India’s argument was that Article 370 is its internal matter. Despite this, Pakistan has been vigorously raising the matter in international forums. Now Qureshi’s statement can be called U-turn in the case of Article 370. There are reports in Pakistan that Saudi Arabia and UAE are increasing pressure on Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue. Pakistan’s stand on Article 370 is considered to be Saudi pressure.

Removal of Article 370 is an internal matter of India

Before going to Saudi, Qureshi gave an interview to Sama News, said- We believe that the removal of Article 370 is an internal matter of India. He said that India should understand. The Foreign Minister said that the Supreme Court is also hearing this matter. Qureshi said that our concern is with section 35A. This is trying to change the geographical and population balance of Kashmir. We do not give importance to 370. The Pakistan Foreign Minister rejected that relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia had deteriorated. He said that in FATF, Saudi had not voted in favor of Pakistan, but that was the case at that time. Things are expected to change further. Politics is different, but we have fulfilled all the conditions of FATF. We have contributed significantly to Saudi’s progress.

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