Parents give time to children, children are victims of aggression due to pressure



These days both the parents have become working and are not able to give time to the children properly, due to which the children are more dependent on technology and its effect is visible on the children in the form of advancement. Learn how to save the kids here.

Children learn more by watching things happening in front of themselves than by listening and reading. The surrounding environment develops them mentally. But nowadays children are becoming victims of ‘aggression’ due to many reasons like family discord, education pressure, and sexual exploitation. The root cause of this condition of the children is the busy life of the parents. Due to lack of adequate communication between parent and child, they become vulnerable to bad company or ill effects of technology. In such a situation, a report on International Daytime of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression…

Case 1

A 16-year-old girl resident of Janakipuram wanted to study from the science side. His school teachers used to torture him by saying ‘Tumse Nahi ho payega’. In such a situation, she became a victim of aggression and made up her mind to leave her studies. After counseling by his parents, he chose the science side.

Case 2

Two years ago, a seven-year-old boy, a resident of Aliganj, ran away from home after being upset with his parents’ fight. After that, he started stealing by staying outside. On being caught stealing, he himself told the past to ChildLine. On the other hand, the police sent him to the observation home on the charge of theft. Now after counseling, he has returned home

Wrong paths are being adopted to fulfill the need

Adarsh Tripathi, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, KGMU, said that children in the age group of 11 to 15 years mostly learn from the things happening in front of them. Children who do not get basic facilities, take wrong paths to meet their needs. At the same time, nowadays parents have become so busy that they are not paying attention to the children. This is also a big reason for the advancement of children.

Signs of progression

• lack of interest in playing
• being lethargic and lonely all-day
• disinterest in any function or school
• Anger throughout the day and carelessness in eating

Save children like this

• Do not keep communication gap
• Pay attention to which children the company is from
• Avoid watching offensive cartoons
• Do not commit violence in front of children
• Keep away from technology
• Play outdoor games instead of video games
• Teachers communicate well with children
• Periodic counseling of the parent-child

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