Philippines vs China: after the Taiwan in the South China Sea, the Philippines challenged the Chinese, know the whole matter


Philippines vs China

Philippines vs China: After China, Taiwan has now started showing its eyes to the Philippines. It has started military exercises in the South China Sea near the disputed islands that China has been claiming. After Taiwan, this move by Philippines has left China completely depressed. It will be interesting to see how China responds to military practice in the Philippines.

Military practice near Bajo de Masinloc and Pag Asa islands

The maritime military exercise of the Philippines Coast Guard (PCG), Bureau of Fisheries, and its associated organizations have begun. In a statement, the PCG said that eight ships have been deployed here for the exercise. Mainly this military exercise is taking place near Bajo de Masinloc and Pag Asa islands. China has a dispute with the Philippines over these islands. Chinese submarines had infiltrated here recently. The State Department strongly opposed China’s presence.

Taiwan objected to Chinese warships in the South China Sea

On the other hand, Taiwan has said that the situation in the South China Sea may become tenser after three warships have landed in China. Taiwan has said that China’s increasing activity in the South China Sea will increase its tensions with all neighboring countries. These conditions have changed rapidly especially after landing three warships in the past. They also include a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. Chen Ming Tung, the director-general of Taiwan’s National Security Bureau, has said that they are constantly monitoring China’s warships. He said that it is clear from China’s move that it wants to increase tensions with its neighbors in the South China Sea.

Rar on the nine-dash line

The Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam have been questioning China’s claims over the South China Sea for several decades, but in recent years this tension has increased considerably. China repeatedly claims the area, called the Nine-Dash Line. China has built islands there in support of its claim and also continues to patrol there. China has expanded its military presence there. These countries accused China of increasing its military presence in the region as a provocative action by China.

This area is full of natural treasures

The question is what is the reason for China’s interest in this area. Actually, this part of the sea between Indonesia and Vietnam is spread over about 3.5 million square kilometers. This entire area is full of natural treasures. Hundreds of species of marine organisms are found in this area. Therefore, China has an eye on this area. China first built a port here, then an airstrip for airplanes to land. Now China has prepared an artificial island in the South China Sea and made a military base on it.

What is the decision of the international tribunal between the Philippines vs China?

However, in 2016, the international tribunal ruled against China. The tribunal had said that there was no evidence that China had historically had any authority over the area, but China refused to accept the ruling.

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