Election results stranded in America, posters in support of Kamala Harris in Tamil Nadu village


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Kamala Harris: The war of presidential elections continues in America, there is a fierce competition between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Meanwhile, India has also kept a special eye on the results. Because Kamala is a candidate for the post of Vice President from the Democrats who are of Indian origin. And he has a connection with Tamil Nadu in India.

In Tulasanthirapuram, Tamil Nadu, there is an ancestral village of Kamala, the vice-presidential candidate from the Democrats. Her posters have been put up to congratulate him. Let me tell you that only Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are leading the elections.

Let me tell you that earlier in the village of Kamla, a special puja was organized to wish her victory. The milk of God was consecrated on Tuesday for the victory of Kamala Harris. The villagers have also put up banners, on which wishes are written for Kamala Harris.

Kamla Harris is the first Indian-origin candidate to contest for the post of Vice President. According to the results so far, the pair of Joe Biden and Kamala is leading.

Amidst the counting of votes, Kamala Harris has also tweeted on Thursday. The American people should have faith in the voting process. And all ballets should be counted according to the constitution.

Significantly, with the arrival of Kamala Harris, a large number of Indian-American voters supported Joe Biden for the Democrats. Several times before the election, the verbal war between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris had started, Trump said that Kamla would be Harris’s super boss after winning the election.

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