Coronavirus Vaccine Big Update: Suspected death of a volunteer involved in trial of Corona vaccine in Brazil, but trial will continue


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Coronavirus Vaccine Big Update: Big news is currently coming from Brazil on the Corona vaccine. Here, a volunteer involved in the trial of the Corona vaccine died suddenly. Brazilian health agency Avisa announced this on Wednesday. He said that a volunteer involved in a clinical trial of the Corona vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford has died. With this, Brazilian health agency Avisa said that despite this, the vaccine trial would continue.

The vaccine was not given!

However, it is not clear whether the volunteer was given a vaccine or a placebo dose during the trial. Brazilian health agency Avisa Envisat has refused to disclose any further information, citing medical confidentiality reasons.

The University of Oxford in an email statement on Wednesday told the media that all significant medical events, whether in the participant control group or the corona vaccine group, are independently reviewed. After careful evaluation of the case in Brazil, there is no concern in the safety and independent review of clinical trials. He said that the Brazilian regulator recommended that vaccine trials should continue.

A media report further stated that a spokesperson for the vaccine maker AstraZeneca declined to comment specifically on reports that said a volunteer died in a trial of a coronavirus vaccine in Brazil It was done, but at present no action has been taken to stop the vaccine trial.

A spokesperson for the vaccine maker AstraZeneca further stated that we cannot comment on individual cases in the ongoing trial of the Oxford vaccine as we strictly adhere to medical confidentiality and clinical trial regulations, but we confirm All the necessary review procedures have been followed.

Even before this happened

Earlier in September, a volunteer had to be taken to a hospital during a vaccine trial in Britain. After this, trials were stopped all over the world. However, trials were later resumed. But now once again the question has arisen as to what will be decided after the Brazil incident.


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