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Amit Kumar (Chief Editor and Founder)

AMIT KUMAR, AMITSINGHSIHAG, AMIT SINGH SIHAG Amit Kumar is the Chief Seo Expert and the Founder of AnIndiaNews.IN. He has a very deep interest in all current affairs topics whatsoever. Well, he is the power of our team and he lives in Delhi. who loves to be a self-dependent person. As an author, I am trying my best to improve this platform day by day. He is very active over social media, especially Facebook and Twitter which help him stay updated with the latest happenings on the internet world. His passion, dedication and quick decision-making ability make him stand apart from others. He is a very Hard Working Person. He is in this field for the last 2 Years. [email protected]


Rohit Singh (Senior Journalist)

user21Rohit is our Senior Journalist on AnIndiaNews.in. He is also a Pet Lover. Email: [email protected]



Pardeep Kumar (Senior Journalist)

user21Pardeep Kumar also a Senior Journalist on AnIndiaNews.in. He has 1 Year Computer Course in Web Development. Email: [email protected]



Deepak Kumar (Writer)

He is the brain behind all the SEO and social media traffic generation on this site. His main passions are reading books, cricket, and of course blogging. Email: [email protected]


Preety Devi

user2 Preety Devi is the Chief editor at Bollywood and the Co-Founder of ‘Dekh News’. She writes about Entertainment, Youth related topics, especially on Movie Reviews and Box Office Collections. She mainly focuses on the quality of the articles being written and published on the site. She is graduated in English(Hons) from Delhi University. She always keeps in touch with all the latest updates on internet world changes that are happening each and every day in our world thanks to the increase in usage of advanced modern technology. Email: [email protected]

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